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Offers a wealth of technical and business expertise. At SNIT we create diverse and complex software solutions for any business, institute or industry need. Our knowledge and expertise add value and assurance for our customers .

With us  you get high quality software and professional service.

What We Do?

Customer Software Development

SNIT listens to your ideas and creates unique custom software solutions specific to your business. You can trust that we can make your ideas into reality efficiently, effectively and on budget.

Software Product Development.

SNIT has created, engineered and delivered software solutions internationally in a variety of industries. Clients get the best of what we offer due to our excellence, expertise, and professionalism.

Quality Assurance

SNIT believes in delivering high-quality products. We conduct a systematic detailed thorough quality assurance on all of our projects. We provide rigorous checks at all stages of the project and at its completion to ensure that the client gets what they had requested and more.

Utilize your


SNIT assigns select expert teams to work with each individual client to bring their ideas into reality. SNIT also makes use of the client's existing resources to achieve maximum protentional of the end product. If the client has no IT resources SNIT becomes the IT team.

  Who We Assist?

SNIT delivers exceptional high-quality software products in all business, institute and industry sectors. Big or small SNIT delivers customized software products according to each client’s distinctive need.

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We know about education. From SIS systems, e-learning and training platforms to custom research software, SNIT will add value to your students, faculty and organization.

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SNIT’s effective and streamlined software solutions meet the requirements of medical clinics, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies’ standards.

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From car detail tracking, job assignments, order automation and performance monitoring, SNIT’s custom software products add great value in streaming and management in the automotive industry.

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From site tracking, directory, payments, and listings SNIT’s has designed innovative custom-built software systems for real-estate companies to optimize processes.

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Sales and Retail

From inventory, invoicing, shipping and tracking SNIT offers custom made software exclusive to your needs to improve your existing business management system.

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Businesses and Institutions

SNIT’s has designed and implemented custom made software technology for diverse businesses and institutions. SNIT’s products always have the highest security and standards.

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