Success Stories

Some of the Amazing Ideas that SNIT Helped to Realize

Our custom software has helped streamline business operations, increase productivity and optimize procedures. Here are some of the results of how innovative custom software powers the change for the better.


Al Mustaqbil University

Al Mustaqbil University approached us for help in building a custom integrated information system for tracking content and work collaborations between employees, faculty and students.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Mid-Size Business

Automotive business hired SNIT to build and implement a new resource planning system ERP for their fleet of cars. SNIT replaced the old Legacy application with an innovated customized solution supporting the client’s business needs. The software integrates seamlessly with third party systems as well as external providers thus offering efficient and effective connectivity with all aspects of the business.


Manahil Al Bukayriyah Schools

Manahil Al-Bukayriyah Schools approached us for help in establishing a customized holistic Odoo ERP system for all managerial, administrative and educational spheres.

Odoo • Text and Image