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Saudi Numbers Information Technology founders, Mohammad Alsawaji and Ghazi Al Rajhi hail from the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. Both have always had strong ties to business and software technology. They were inspired by their rich history, giving culture, advancing environment and their country’s evolving development to take the ideals they have experienced and go Global. Founding SNIT in 2018, they brought their vision to life. Today SNIT is becoming a leader in the technological world dedicated to transforming its client’s ideas into reality. From its humble beginnings and simple idea SNIT is committed to evolving into a leading industry partner with long term growth and innovation striving to propel businesses to the top of their industries.  

Eng. Mohammad Abdulrahman Alsawaji

Mr.  Ghazi Mansur Al Rajhi 

SNIT Custom Software Development Team

We at SNIT are innovative, hardworking and reliable. We are always revaluating and adjusting the direction the project as it move from week to week for greater efficiency, cost and timing. Our approach is to realize our client’s idea in the most effective manner possible. Each member of our team has a distinctive speciality, comprehensive knowledge and experience. The team is an eclectic mix of young and experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, from software engineering to professional business and educational consultants.

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